INDEPENDENT ARTIST!!!!! - August 3, 2020

W.U.B.I. Ubiquity Radio is now opening it’s platform for up and coming artist to be able to be heard across the world.  If you happen to be an Artist with a DJ Service pack and Video, we would like to hear from you!!!  We also can get you featured on our ARTIST SPOTLIGHT news as well.  It doesn’t matter the genre of music, all we care about is it jamming, can  we feel it, and does the track have Originality? For more info contact us at:

Subject: Radio Submission

PLEASE, DO NOT SEND MUSIC OR VIDEOS TO THAT EMAIL UNTIL WE HAVE DISCUSSED & SIGNED WAIVERS FIRST.  If you do send your music or video before the agreement is met, we will mark your email as SPAM.  SO PLEASE, respect our request.

Thank You & We Look Forward To Hearing From You!!

W.U.B.I. Ubiquity Radio